The Importance Of Authenticity In Creativity

Ever since I can remember, my creativity got me in trouble. 

Because my creativity is the expression of my authentic selfAgain, like I keep talking about, I just wanted to be me.

The problem is that I wanted to be loved too.

But I’m realizing I’ve succeeded in being my authentic self… at least at this moment… and I’m loved as well.

So, as Rubin says, 

"I didn’t always fit in,
I broke away from convention, and
I created spaces where I could be free to express myself."

All the way from my childhood when my teacher wrapped my knuckles with her ruler for not sharpening my pencil because I liked the gradient shading of the lines of a dull pencil, to when my father scolded me for painting watercolors the way I did. “That’s NOT how you do it!”

And to today with daily chastisements from all corners.

It’s interesting to me, though, that in spite of all the pressure to conform, I have managed to create some things that I love. And there are others who love them too. 

I’m expressing myself.

And people are being served.

So… it’s all good.

But being your authentic self can be lonely.  If you’d like to share with me your struggle between being your authentic self and being loved at the same time, you can always comment here or send me an email. I’m listening.

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