What Is A Savior (or Messiah) Complex?

The term "Messiah complex," also known as the "Savior complex," refers to a psychological phenomenon where an individual believes they have a special mission or calling to save, rescue, or help others. This belief can manifest in a variety of ways and can affect different aspects of a person's life. People with a Messiah complex may feel an intense need to fix the problems of others, take on the role of a savior, or believe that they are the only ones who can solve certain issues.

6 Common characteristics associated with a Messiah complex include

  1. A strong need for validation and approval from others.
  2. An exaggerated sense of self-importance and grandiosity.
  3. A tendency to neglect one's own needs in favor of helping others.
  4. Difficulty accepting or respecting the boundaries and autonomy of others.
  5. A belief that their way of helping is superior or the only correct approach.
  6. Frustration or distress when their efforts to "save" others are not successful.

In the realm of psychology, individuals with a Messiah complex might be considered to have narcissistic or codependent tendencies. It's important for individuals who recognize these traits in themselves or others to seek support or therapy to better understand and address the underlying issues that drive this behavior.

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