What is Fullness of Life?

"Fullness of Life" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Fullness of Life”

One of the greatest sources of fear for so many people is the afterlife.

I remember after I left the church, after I had deconstructed my beliefs, lying in my bed absolutely terrified that I was going to be send to Hell because I didn’t believe in it anymore.

How crazy is that?

But that’s the nature of fear sometimes: it can be irrational. Not always, but it can be.

But then there were other times, again lying in my bed, realizing that the length of my life is not nearly as important as the depth of it.

I saw that time is a human construct. It is an invention. Time is not real.

Eternity is now. Now. Now. Now. It’s not linear. It’s a series of eternal moments.

The fullness of your life is not in how long you live. It’s not how late in life you die.

It’s about how deep it is. How much you love. How much you experience it.

All of it. No matter its length.

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