What It's Like to Lose Your Faith

If you've never suffered the loss of your faith, good for you! But if you have, even a little bit, you know exactly what this cartoon means. First, your beliefs that held your faith together start to crumble, break apart, and disintegrate. Then, you push the eject button and hold on to what you think are the essentials. You hope you'll make a safe landing somewhere in friendly territory. But then you encounter the cruel mockery, challenges, corrections, judgments, and condemnations of other believers who don't understand what you're going through and assume you are in grave error and manage to cause you to question even the essentials you thought would save you. That's when you finally realize you're on your own. Life is over as you knew it. It feels like starting all over again. The landing will be hard. But you can survive it. I did. (If you identify with this, join us at The Lasting Supper. We get it.)
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