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Sophia Vulnerable Print

Sophia Vulnerable Print

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Sophia has always been a vulnerable character - symbolized by her nakedness and exposure. In this print, she’s spending time with a baby seal, the most vulnerable animal of all. Two very vulnerable creatures sit together in the snow, embracing both their vulnerability and their courage to keep going.

Buy Sophia Vulnerable to celebrate your vulnerability, and your strength.

Watch this video for more on how my Sophia series started.

Print Details
• Available in a range of sizes
• Not matted or framed
• Shipped safely to you in a postal tube
• High-quality Giclée-style print
• Paper: 189 GSM weight and 10.3 mil thickness

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Customer Reviews

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Ted Adams

This picture shows of naked vulnerability before a seal is to me a very unique picture of my own vulnerability that I feel when I can be naked in prayer before God. The loving way that Sophia is treating the seal is how the wisdom of God is to me. I think that to be really aware of God one has to be vulnerable and trusting with one's own nakedness in life. Too often we put on airs and clothe ourselves with outward images which are or may not be real. Here we see wisdom come in its naked variety, which is the only way we can learn wisdom. To clothe wisdom and try to learn is a barrier to who we are. The seal is such a picture of what wisdom speaks to us and lets us know we are loved. Reaching out to touch and pet the seal is what I feel shows how wisdom is reaching out to us if we can be vulnerable. Naked wwe cane into this world and to learn we have to be naked with ourself. Only in this way can we be like this picture, receiving the love of wisdom in all wisdom's naked sacredness. A very excellent picture of love that draws us to learn and love wisdom, as wisdom desires us to be loved.

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