Why Purity Culture's Number One Tool is Fear

How many of you have heard this one? I call this purity culture cartoon, The Spirits of Past Relationships.

the spirits of past relationships cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Purity culture's number one tool is fear.

Purity Culture wants you to be afraid to think, feel, or do anything to spoil your virginity for your wedding night. It is claimed, and I believe it, that this is especially targeted to women.

Purity culture is a patriarchal endeavor to produce and provide virgins for its men.

I was told, when I was young, that if you masturbated, hair would grow on the palms of your hands. Stupid. But it made me afraid because I didn't want hair on my palms, but mostly I wouldn't want others to see it and know what was going on.

How many fear tactics were used on you to maintain your "Purity"? 

  • Were you told you were like ABC gum (Already Been Chewed) if you were physical with anyone before you were married?
  • Were you told that every time you were physical with someone, it took a little more out of your "account" so that on your wedding night you wouldn't be able to operate at full capacity?
  • Were you told that every time you were physical before marriage it let a little more demons in?
  • Or, like this cartoon, were you told that every single person you were ever physical with, you carried their spirit with you for the rest of your life, even into the bedroom?

That is a fear tactic meant to control you. 
Plain and simple.  

Before you can can start to heal from purity culture is to identify the messages you were told and how they continue to impact you

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