Probably My Most Brutally Honest LGBTQ Cartoon

"Stones to Words" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Stones to Words” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I get criticized all the time. It’s not fun.

But I get criticized for things I say. Not for who I am. Well… sorta.

I have very good friends who are judged and criticized and condemned for being LGBTQ. For simply being!

By Christians.

These Christians would never, I hope, take up a stone to execute them physically.

But they can sure be quick to pick up words and cast them in irreparably hurtful ways.

Some don’t realize that they can murder someone’s spirit by the things they say.

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4 Replies to “Probably My Most Brutally Honest LGBTQ Cartoon”

  1. After we were kicked out of leadership and eventually our Church for ‘promoting homosexuality’ by refusing to reject our transgender son – he wrote us a thank-you card.
    On the card were snippets of conversations between him and his friends about the situation. This snippet hurts the most.
    ‘like I’m being stoned to death by the church and they’ve stood there between me and the rocks shielding me and quoting scripture to the ones throwing them, and forgiving them for it too.’ ‘they’ve been hurt so much through love for me.’
    We lost our ministry, our friends and our church – but we didn’t lose our son or his love or our God.
    We were lucky – others are not so lucky.
    There comes a point when you can no longer stand by and watch the hatred and behaviour, you have to speak up and say STOP. It is causing too much damage to the ones we love and to the reputation of the Church and God.
    You shall know them by their love – not by their hate.

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