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Fulfill His Dreams Digital Cartoon

Fulfill His Dreams Digital Cartoon

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For men who might not get the point of this cartoon... let me explain it for you:

We see the woman thinking, "I'm going to fulfill his dreams!" 

Naturally, one should expect the man to be thinking, "I'm going to fulfill her dreams!"

But no. The man is thinking only about himself and how she's going to fulfill his fantasies of who she must be for him.

And for some men who still might not understand the point... this is not a good thing.

There's a lot of toxic masculinity on parade these days is alarming.

It betrays a shocking fragility when men feel the need to control women.

I see a muscular and successful man in an interview boasting about how he controls his woman... or sometimes women... and I think, "There's a very weak man right there!"

It's one thing to desire to fulfill your lover's dreams.
Love tends to think that way.

But it's another thing to demand your lover fulfill your dreams.
Selfishness tends to think that way.
And morphs into the need to control.

Let me be vulnerable here:

When I first met Lisa, I knew I was getting a handful. She let me know from the very beginning that she's untameable and that I should appreciate that. 

I did and I do.

I've discovered that when a wild and free woman chooses to love you, it's an incredible gift. Incredible!

Men: Stop trying to control women.

You don't know what you're missing.


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Hey, I'm David.

I’m a pastor turned artist painting, drawing, and thinking about what it takes to be free to be you. If you’re interested in deconstruction, spiritual journeying, freedom of thought, or looking for your authentic self, you’re welcome to join me while I search too.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not actually naked. The idea behind my name, NakedPastor, is to seek to tell the naked truth - no matter how vulnerable it feels. I used to be a pastor but I’ve been creating art and working towards freedom with this community for over 10 years now.

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