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It's Their Problem Digital Cartoon

It's Their Problem Digital Cartoon

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Have you ever been excluded based on your gender identity or your sexual preference? I drew this for you.

This affirming cartoon shows Jesus smiling and embracing his LGBTQIA friends. It’s clear that these sheep have been excluded by the flock — but Jesus is encouraging and comforting and they are all happy.

Hang this up as a reminder that if someone isn’t ready to include you, it’s their problem.


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Hey, I'm David.

I’m a pastor turned artist painting, drawing, and thinking about what it takes to be free to be you. If you’re interested in deconstruction, spiritual journeying, freedom of thought, or looking for your authentic self, you’re welcome to join me while I search too.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not actually naked. The idea behind my name, NakedPastor, is to seek to tell the naked truth - no matter how vulnerable it feels. I used to be a pastor but I’ve been creating art and working towards freedom with this community for over 10 years now.

My Story