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The Realest Sin Cartoon

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This cartoon (which even includes some poetry) speaks to a popular theme in my art – judgment and the lack of understanding of someone else’s choices and views on life. 

The Realest Sin speaks to the repercussions of judgment. Judgment is separation. Judgmentality (judgment mentality) is not just to have preferences, make distinctions, or to draw comparisons. Judgmentality carries a moral judgment, that is the assignment of right or wrong, good or evil, to a person. Judgment supposes that the judger is better than the judge. Judgment is a very high horse - one that stops self-awareness and connection to others. There is a healthy judgment which is more like discernment. But then there’s the unhealthy judgment which is more like condemnation.

Maybe a good place to hang this might be near the door? No matter where you choose to hang it, no judgment.