Are you going to be late for or absent from church?

"Late or Absent?" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Late or Absent?” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Do you like this cartoon? You can get a reproduction print of it HERE! Lots of other art there too!

I remember the first Sunday after I quit the ministry and stopped going to that church. It was delicious! Little did I know I was heading into a major and long period of deconstruction from my addiction to church. I’m on the other side of that though.

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4 Replies to “Are you going to be late for or absent from church?”

  1. I had to laugh. I am a churchgoer, but I also suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia and if I have a flare-up I am not going anywhere. Matter of fact the guy in the cartoon looks a bit like me on one of those days LOL.

  2. Yes. I do relate to it.

    I relate to feeling done with church and being described as creative by an adviser, and that because I am creative that people who are comfortable with their systems and structures would find that threatening. That I would find belonging in creative environments.

    So I took a sabbatical form church at which time I took up mindfulness meditation and focused on compassion for myself. I can see how church yes I guess it had become an addiction and needed recovery just as any other form of addiction. Now, I am part of a church but with greater autonomy and a more guarded hear then before where I find peace and joy. I have a high regard for the leader there with has a good reputation in the local community.

    I took the counsel of belonging in creative communities and rather than looking to do “ministry” in church I find my energy going towards being part of the local stand up comedy circuit and in a creative writing adult learning class at a local college. I have an aim to keep going with that and hav ana ambition to do a masters in creative writing at university next year.

    May you be blessed. if you are someone of Christian faith that you know the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are not of Christian faith, that you know peace on your journey.

  3. I love the term “addiction to church”. It perfectly describes what I felt for a long time prior to my leaving the church altogether some 5 plus years ago. When I look back on my time of attending I realize that the vast majority of the focus in the churches I belonged to was on piety and standing up to and in judgment of the sinful world. I thought I was one of the “saved” ones. I realize now how totally lost I was.

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