don’t let yourself be treated inhumanely

"Inhumane Treatment" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Inhumane Treatment” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I think it’s true that some people treat animals better than they do people.

It’s also true that sometimes we let ourselves be treated like mistreated animals.

No matter how noble the situation or purpose or goal is, if you’re being mistreated… get out!

Don’t follow the herd, especially if it’s headed to the slaughterhouse!

Escape! Run away!

We are a collection of runaways at The Lasting Supper. Please, come join us. CLICK HERE to check out what we’re about.


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5 Responses

  1. Ducatihero says:

    Clever cartoon! 🙂

    Lol yeah or punch the bully either physically or with words as a weapon.

  2. Caryn LeMur says:

    David: you wrote: “… we let ourselves be treated as mistreated animals.”

    I think that the driving motive for a ‘reaffirmation of a needed world view’ draws people toward the institutional church.

    – Those that need ‘hope’ go to a preacher that speaks of human greatness or financial blessing. They pay him or her for reaffirming what they need/desire is an achievable goal. They overlook his greed, buy his books, pay for his special prayer cloth, because of what he gives them – hope.

    – – They are mistreated… but they no longer mind. Their need must be met.

    – Those that need ‘power’ (reaffirmation of their personal self-worth among billions of humans) go to a preacher that preaches the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, special ‘gifts of the spirit’ just for the unique you, a purpose-driven life, or a progressive gospel that is ‘the answer for our times’. They overlook his narcissism, because of what he gives them – a sense of personal purpose/worth.

    – – They are mistreated… but they no longer mind. Their need must be met.

    In my opinion, those that need room to question, simply leave the institutional church.

    But then, they encounter a sense of loneliness that can become overwhelming or depressing. If they are overwhelmed… then they return again… for another round of driving needs/overlooking/mistreatment/ and disappointment.

    Your group, The Lasting Supper (TLS), has created a new option.

    What I have enjoyed about TLS is that TLS continues to allow questioning (in a hundred directions), the sharing of life’s events among equal human beings, and respectful dialog. These create a community that mitigates/lessens that sense of loneliness.

    When overwhelmed by loneliness, they can ramble/vent to the community of TLS – – and someone will hear them, listen to them, and respond… thus breaking the cycle of loneliness.

    Removing that sense of loneliness allows people to no longer be herded quickly towards an answer, or to be ‘penned in’ to a power hierarchy of submission. ‘Letting ourselves be like mistreated animals’ ends.

    You are doing great with TLS. Keep it going.

  3. Thanks Caryn. I like your descriptions.

  4. Ducatihero says:

    I hear you about the “hope” that feeds narcissism. Surely the narcissism is universal if there is “need” being met.

    I hear you about the loneliness Caryn, and I am happy to read that you have found connection with folks in TLS.

    The way I have found that is with deepening connection with friends that have stuck around when I have asked questions, by being part of the local comedy circuit, organising a ski group, the rowing club, dancing and a meditation group.

    Hope has never been better and I find that I don’t need a salesman to tell me how I lack in something that he has the solution to.

  5. L2R says:

    preaching GOD’s WORD is the BEST JOB!!