11 reasons why Mondays suck for pastors

I will sub-title this Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down! Pretty consistently, Mondays are a terrible day for me. As a pastor, it is usually my day off. I get up early, as usual, read my devotions, some theology, and try to pray. I do a bit of blogging and eBay. I get my kids up, prepare lunches and get them off to school. Then, I promptly proceed to sink into a deep hole of despair while Lisa and I have breakfast before she goes to work. People suggest many reasons why this may be true: 1. demonic attack: I just delivered a mighty blow against the enemy forces on Sunday, and Satan counter-attacks on Monday. 2. pride: I delivered a fantastic sermon on Sunday, and no one seemed to notice. 3. shame: I delivered a crappy sermon on Sunday, and everyone seemed to notice. 4. hopelessness: I look forward to a whole week of pushing against an immoveable object (the church). 5. boredom: I have to spend the whole day with myself because no one else will. 6. sexual frustration: I am available all day for sex while Lisa s not. 7. adrenalin withdrawal: Purely psychosomatic: I was a awash in adrenalin on Sunday and I have none left for Monday. 8. ego-starvation: No one s around to tell me how wonderful a pastor I am. 9. disappointment: My blog, ebay and offerings stats sank into the troughs on the weekend. 10. revelation: The fact is I m always depressed, and Monday is the only day I have to slow down enough to realize it. 11. denial: The possibility that there is no god and that I m involved in an elaborate hoax, gnaws at my conscience. Okay... either tell me which one you think is right, or add another one.

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