5 Best NakedPastor Artworks for Decorating Your Home

A wall of art can stop time: it creates a pause where we can reflect. On the big things, the little things, the things they told you didn’t matter.

Seeing art and images that validate and inspire you daily can make a huge difference in your spiritual journey. I’m an artist, so you can imagine that my home is full of art – maybe even too much art!

If you want to create a space in your own home that celebrates your authenticity and reminds you of how far you’ve come, I’ve got a few ideas for you.

5 NakedPastor Art Prints for the Home

  1. Prevailing

  2. Jesus Eraser Cartoon

  3. In This House We Love Without the Fine Print

  4. Puzzle of Love

  5. Metamorphosis

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Adding a One-of-a-Kind Original Artwork

Adding original artwork to your wall can make the space feel extra special. These artworks are the originals that my prints come from – they are extremely rare and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me. Here are some available originals that you might like.

  1. Sometimes Alone is Good Painting

  2. This Valley’s Not So Bad Painting

  3. Love in All Languages Trans Version Cartoon

Or view all available original artworks here.

Creating a Gallery Wall

You don’t have to stick to one artwork per wall, you can create a gallery wall by combining artworks that look good together. You can even include art you already own while mixing cartoons and paintings and even drawings from your kids if you’ve got any.

The best way to make this look neat is to choose frames that work well together. They can be the same color or just have a similar style. Don’t get caught up on this though. If you like how it looks, then that’s all that matters.

Get the Drill and Start Hanging Art

Those are my home decorating art suggestions but I have hundreds of prints available for you to choose from. Don’t feel limited by my list, rather use it as a starting point. Now, get the drill and start making your home, office, or community space look more welcoming and joyful.

If you’ve already got a NakedPastor print or original on your wall, or if you end up hanging some art because of this blog, send me a photo! I would love to see which art you pair and how the finished art wall looks.

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