A Time to Heal

I am amazed at how quiet things are. Serene. Silent. No one rebukes me or puts me in my place or questions my validity. Nobody cross-examines my efforts. At least to my face. I savor the absence of hand-to-hand combat in which I was daily engaged. Many days have gone by and I have not been insulted. I have not been treated rudely. I have not been summoned. I have not been scolded. I have not been treated with contempt. In fact, I am being encouraged frequently. Edified even. I'm enjoying the present peace. I will take off the armor I'd accumulated in my defense. I can trust on an even deeper level. The dark clouds of apprehension dissipate. My love may finally express itself without caution. Freely. And I will enter the battle again a healed and better man. Please join my newsletter by clicking HERE. Thank you!
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