A Valentine's Message and The Sower Cartoon

Well, we made it to Valentine's Day... a day in which usually romantic love is celebrated. But, because so many of my friends and family don't fit the mold of traditional romantic love relationships, I thought we would lead into Valentine's Day celebrating all different kinds of love.

Remember the parable of the sower that Jesus told?

the sower cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

The sower just throws seed everywhere. Some lands here and some lands there. He just throws it indiscriminately all over the field and beyond it's borders and on all kinds of surfaces and in all kinds of places.

Some places are receptive. Some are not.
Some places are dangerous. Some are not.
Some are hostile. Some are not.

The lover doesn't care.
The lover sows love everywhere.
I think this is what love looks like.
It's indiscriminate!

True love gets thrown everywhere.

We talked about loving ourselves, loving our pets, loving a friend, loving our LGBTQ+ friends and family and LGBTQ+ loving who they love, loving our families, loving asexually, loving platonically, and loving love.

We even talked about... gasp!... loving ourselves!

So here we are.
Let's sow love.
And let's receive love when it's sown our way!


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