Can you believe these Christians with open carry weapons?

"Open Carry Weapons" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward) I'm not against bibles. I support the ownership and even use of bibles. I have several myself. Quite a variety actually. But it makes me uncomfortable to see them being flaunted about in public places. Some of them you can conceal in your back pocket or purse. But some of them are inordinately huge. Why do you need such a big bible? Just to kill somebody better? I've seen people carry them in public, very quietly and unassumingly, maybe even quietly reading it in a restaurant or something. No problem. Maybe sometimes weird, but no problem. But carrying around a big bible in public and showing it off says something. I'm not sure, but it's feels questionable to me. Many people feel that carrying them around in public actually hurts their cause, like shooting themselves in the foot. Bibles, in the wrong hands, can be fatal. Any mentally ill or emotionally unstable person can buy one or steal one from any number of places. They're everywhere! Even if somebody had proper training with one, it doesn't guarantee that they won't use their bible to harm another person. In fact, they just get more proficient at it! It bothers me that more and more people are using the bible to kill others. On the one hand I understand the importance of understanding the sensible use of bibles, but on the other hand I advocate freedom of thought and speech and the right to bear them. We keep hoping people will smarten up and use their bibles for good, but that seems to be getting more impossible to hope for and even more impossible to legislate. I have friends and family who've been wounded or killed by bibles... well... by people using them carelessly or dangerously. I've been seriously wounded by them but I'm okay now. I realize people kill people, not bibles. But I'm nervous seeing a person come into a public place bearing a bible because what if he or she is the kind of person who would kill someone with it? I've seen it many times, like on a subway once where a man just stood up, pulled out his bible and open fired on everyone in the car. We were trapped and he just kept on and on and on. He had a right to own that bible and even carry it, but he abused his right by harming others with it. I wish he hadn't've done that. Anyway, I guess this is my personal plea to people who own bibles: please use them responsibly! Thanks. Hey! I welcome you to join our dynamic online community, The Lasting Supper. You'll love it and the people in it. JOIN NOW!
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