Church Leaders and Victims

"Church Victims Dumpster" cartoon by David Hayward OWN THIS CARTOON (*** I wrote this explicit poem and realized by the end of it that I wasn't just writing about a man's assault of a girl, but about how the church often treats its victims. I'm also confident that some people will be more offended by this cartoon and these words than by the actual act. Share if you dare.) How's My Cry Heard? your church preached i'm victor not your victim with scars i thought i'd be safe on that road in your car you made me suck you while you sucked out my life then threw me aside as you rose to the heights i just have my voice that will help me to stand but how's my cry heard over the praise of your fans? (Join with other people who "get" this. They are an awesome bunch and will warmly welcome you! The Lasting Supper.)
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