Coffee House Raises Money for Darfur!

On Friday night, one of our young adults Andrew Falk (pictured first directly below) with the help of friends and the use of our building, put on a coffee-house. All the funds raised... close to $1,000... is going to the Red Cross in Darfur. It did my heart good to see him pull this off. I never suggested it, nor did anyone else. He felt called to do this all on his own, and with some helped pulled off an incredible night. There was some wonderful tunes. Another young man of our community, Kurt, who is a DJ, did his tables that night. It even inspired some dancing. There was a rotating slide educational slide-show on the Darfur tragedy. Food was available... all the proceeds from this was towards Darfur also. Anyway, it was just an incredible night. We are now talking about doing this once a month.

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