Dear God... WTF?!

Dear God... WTF?!

"The Most Sincere Prayer" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Cartoon Description: Titled "The Most Sincere Prayer". A person is praying kneeling beside their bed praying, "Dear God, like... WTF???!!!"

Honesty is always best.

When I was a pastor, I always encouraged people to be honest... with themselves, with others, with their God.

Because it only makes sense theologically that your God would not be surprised by anything. So put it out there.

Come on! Say it! 

For that's when you can actually start dealing with what's real.

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Too funny 😅 But personally I don’t think wtf is my best prayer nor do I want a wtf coffee mug. Blessings!


WTF! has to be the best prayer ever invented. Would you make this into a coffee mug? I would buy it for sure.

Sue Bonner

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