foxhole atheist

You've heard the expression "There are no atheists in foxholes." Which means that everybody under extreme threat will seek out a divine power to intervene and save them. No one is quite sure who coined the phrase. Obviously a believer. I've witnessed it. Heck, I've done it! But I've also witnessed the opposite. Heck, I've even done that too! I've seen and personally experienced people under extreme threat who realize their faith has totally evaporated. I'm convinced that we need to get in touch with our atheism, our unbelief. Is there a separate "Deity" out there? Is there a Divine Interventionist? If asked if I'm a deist or a theist, I say not really. If I'm asked if I'm an atheist, I also say not really. Although it might unsettle some, I'm okay with that. I have been an atheist in a foxhole. You might be one now. That's okay. **Come over to my other site where we talk about this stuff openly, honestly and compassionately! Purchase the original or a print of this drawing.
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