sharing nakedpastor cartoons cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A man and a woman are at a table with their coffee and tea, their phones, and their laptops. The man says, "I need a quick and easy way to let people know I don't believe the same things anymore." She responds, "You could share a nakedpastor cartoon."

I forget how scary it was for me when I started exposing my spirituality online. 

My cartoons were a subversive way to reveal myself as well as challenge the status quo.

So I know what it's like when people say they're scared to share or even like my cartoons publicly. 

They're afraid it might reveal too much about them.

The cartoons were mainly how I did it. And they were very effective in revealing me to everyone who saw them.

Although some people were like hmmmmm what could that mean?

Sometimes they were ambiguous enough to confuse people about me.

Anyway, I give you permission to share my cartoons far and wide online.

I've heard from people that they have used to to signal to their family and friends and followers where they might be spiritually.

That's cool.

Don't you think so?

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LOL love your cartoons! Thought I’d share how amazing this pastor in houston tx – Keion Henderson is. I first came across Pastor Keion when when I saw the interview with TD Jakes and instantly became a fan. I’ve listened to his sermons on Youtube and then his Podcast.

Keira Chue

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