Jesus Christ Cannabis Legal in Canada CARTOON

Did you know I'm Canadian? I live near Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Today's a big day in Canada. Cannabis was evil. Not anymore. As of today, it's now legal here. That verse Jesus is saying is Matthew 18:18. Yes, it's in the Bible! It used to be sinful to drink. Many of those churches relaxed their policies. It's okay now, just not to excess. It was absolutely prohibited to get a divorce, and if you did you could never remarry and certainly couldn't do ministry. That's relaxed too and many churches now say it's okay. Most churches said being gay was a sin. But some churches are now changing their minds. It's not considered a sin for a growing number of Christians and their churches. What's happened? It wasn't all of a sudden okay in "heaven". Nothing's changed there. We changed our minds and our hearts, that's what happened. That's where the change occurred. We finally caught up to something that was always true. (Lonely? Find awesome community at The Lasting Supper!)
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