Love Over Verses

love over verses cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: Jesus is with a sheep and a rainbow sheep. One sheep says, “But the verses!” Jesus replies, “Love over verses!”


I get asked by people distressed about being or loving LGBTQIA because they have to defend themselves against the scriptures used against them.

This happened just yesterday.

This is what I say:

There are two approaches. One is to study and argue the scriptures’ interpretation, and the other is to prioritize love over the interpretations.

Let me explain.

People will argue over the interpretation of scripture forever. They have forever and they will forever. Are we going to wait until they’ve come to an agreement before we choose how to live our own lives and who to love?

Because this will never happen.

The experts will argue and never agree.

Even though I have an opinion on how the verses could be interpreted, I refuse to wait for consensus.

I decided as a parent that I would not stone my children for picking up sticks on the Sabbath. I elevated love over verses.

I decided as a husband that I would not require Lisa to obey me as head of the household. I elevated love over verses.

I decided early as a pastor that I would not hand people over to Satan if they left my church. I elevated love over verses.

I decided early as a person that I would not consider LGBTQIA people as sinful and inferior. I elevated love over verses. 

You can find verses to legitimize any horrific thing.

You can also find verses that condemn these same horrific things.

It depends on how you read them.

With hate or love. 

Love over verses!

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