male dominated theology

I am a male. I am a feminist. I obviously perceive through my male perspective. But I am learning every day from women how to be a better feminist. Just yesterday a woman responded to my cartoon "the death of God"and its commentary, providing her perspective on how the theology I addressed could be used to demean women. I appreciated that. The problem with so much theology is, like the idea of Divine Right of Kings, men think it is biblically originated and endorsed and needs to be protected. I read yesterday that we men need to invite women to the table. I disagree because it is a man's table. Throw out the table! Let's build a new one together. On The Lasting Supper, we have weekly Potluck Hangouts. Last Friday night, one of our members shared her story of how she left a very male-dominated church. This is important and powerful stuff! The male domination of theology is so pervasive, so extensive, so embedded, that it needs to be re-crafted. And not by men.
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