Mindful Pride Coloring Pages

Did you know that coloring helps with mindfulness? I draw a new cartoon every day, but my favorite part is when the drawing is done and I can switch off to color in.

This Pride, I want to give you some Pride coloring pages for adults featuring affirming art that you can color in for mindfulness. My dream is for everyone to be able to choose their identity and feel happy and proud of the person they are. When you color your Pride flag onto these cartoons, I hope you feel seen, loved, and accepted. Because that’s exactly what you deserve!

1. It’s Always Pride

Pride color sheet of Jesus hugging sheep under a sign that says "Happy Pride".

It’s Always Pride shows Jesus embracing a group of rainbow sheep, representing the LGBTQIA+ community. Who is the church to say whom Jesus does and doesn’t love?

When I hear judgmental straight people bemoaning the existence of Pride Month, I want to tell them to be thankful that their life choices and sexuality are accepted enough not to need a Heterosexual Pride month. Judgment of members of the LGBTQIA+ community by the church is something I never grow tired of talking about and creating art that provokes conversations about it. Love for everyone is not something that should be limited to Pride Month. It’s always pride month. Love yourself and others, always.

You can color this one in to represent the people who make up your LGBTQ+ support system or simply color it to represent all of the Pride flags.

Download all the coloring sheets.

2. How Do You Like Your Haircut?

One sheep giving another a "hair cut" - color this pride coloring sheet however you want!

I drew a cartoon years ago called "Sheep Conversion Therapy" which is very popular. I thought I'd play around more with that theme in a more fun way.

We are who we are.

This art features sheep in a barber chair, revealing their true colors beneath the wool. You were born this way and you deserve to feel fabulous this Pride Month (and every month!).

Color this one in as a reminder that no matter how you cut it, you are who you are!

Download all the coloring sheets.

3. I Got You!

A pride coloring page of Jesus rock climbing with a sheep. Jesus catches the sheep as it falls and says, "I got you".

This powerful LGBTQ+ cartoon features Jesus helping a sheep up a mountain and reassuring them with the words “I got you”. This is what support and allyship are about: having your friend’s back when they need it. You – no matter who you are or who you love – will never be left behind.

You can color this sheep to represent your Pride flag and frame it as a reminder that you’re never alone, even if it sometimes feels that way.

Download all the coloring sheets.

Ready to Color In?

Thanks for reading, now are you ready to color in?

The coloring sheets will be sent to you in an email along with some encouraging thoughts from me.

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