misogyny, sticky notes and bonfires

I can't believe all the sexist, misogynist stuff flying around the internet by the flockful pooping all over everything. It's rampant! Like one of my recent twitter updates: "Stupidity's not increasing, but the publication of it is." Sexism and misogyny have been around a long time. It's just that now more people get to proclaim it. Freedom of speech, even if it is hate speech. It's uglier when wrapped in religious garb. It's also more powerful because it says it's not misogyny but biblical submission, obedience and other mind-benders. I have a daughter. Lisa and I never suggested there were any limitations on her because she's female. Spiritually. Vocationally. Intellectually. Emotionally. Etcetera. She's defiant and fearless. And it shows when someone tries to restrict, restrain or regulate her. We have an online community full of women who are impressively strong in spite of the overwhelming attempts to weaken them. Would you like to borrow my lighter?
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