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After I left professional ministry in 2010 I got a good transitional position teaching English to international students at a local university. This was a very positive experience for me, but that season's over. I have been providing blogging and cartoons about the state of the Christian church as a labour of love for years and have been gratified to find that so many people around the world relate to my musings. I wonder now if there's a way for me to focus all of my attention on my work something that remains very close to my heart. Here's what I'm up to: 1) If you like my work and find that it's an important part of your own deliberations and spirituality, please consider sending a quarterly donation, or a donation of any kind. Every once in a while someone sends me a donation because they realize it takes a lot of love, devotion and work on my part to deliver my cartoons and thoughts every day. They also inform me that they are getting so much out of what I do and want to thank me. I appreciate those concrete expressions of appreciation. Any amount is great. I'm suggesting $20 quarterly, but really, anything would be greatly appreciated. You can just click on the Paypal "donate" button on my nakedpastor site. 2) Here's the other option: I will continue to offer my usual work for free on nakedpastor. I don't think I could stop anyway. It's something I'm very passionate about. I know that some of you consider yourselves exiles from normal church and find that I have some role in your lives through my art and writing. Therefore, I am offering additional services for a set fee should anyone desire these. I'm launching a new site tomorrow where those who want to be members can subscribe for a small monthly fee. It is nakedpastor on steroids where I intend to be more interactive and supportive and gather a community of like-minded exiles a place that will be packed full of content not available anywhere else only on the new site. For a sneak preview you can go to to my new site and check it out. Plus, if you would like to have one-on-one time through Skype, phone or email, I am making this available on both a one-time or an on-going basis. I offer counseling, coaching, a friendly, understanding ear, and a chance to debrief about some of the things you've been through. I've been there, too. I believe I can help you transition in a healthy way. I want to help people in this way full time. This is my mission:"to set people free to be spiritually independent and I employ all my skills to do so. I am called to do this with all my strength and time". So it will be my avenue of support. I will not pollute my site with advertisements. I love the idea of spending more time each day with those of you who value my work. Thanks for considering this. And thanks to those of you who support me already. I hope to see you over there.
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