New Sophia Drawing: Resilience

In the book I say I lost the inspiration to draw her, and that was a sign to me that I had processed the deconstruction of my faith, my beliefs, and it was time to tell the story. There are 59 drawings in that book, each with a meditation. But, alas, the inspiration struck to draw her again. Will more follow? I don't know. Resilience. I facilitate an online community called The Lasting Supper. (You're invited to join!) The resilience of the people there is just incredible. Remarkable! The stuff they've been through or are going through, and the resilience they muster to not only cope with it, endure it, but to survive it, always astounds me. Here, Sophia stands with a formidable strength, represented by the musk ox. She also holds a spear. This means she mustn't be messed with. She will prevail! Like you, I bet. Just look back and see what you've lived through! And here you are now reading this. I bet" you have stories. And I bet they all testify to your own measure of resilience.
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