The Healing Power of Acknowledging Spiritual Hurt

This cartoon, “Sophia’s Back”, is one I treasure very much. It depicts a reality I know exists. I think every therapist should have this hanging in their office.

Here’s why:

Just because your hurt can’t be seen doesn’t mean it’s not real.
Just because your wounds are invisible doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

sophia's back cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: In the first frame, “The back of Sophia’s body”, we see Sophia’s bare back. In the second frame, “The back of Sophia’s spirit”, we see her back but with bloody lashes and bruises.


We should all know by now that psychological, emotional, and spiritual hurt is serious business and needs to be addressed in order to heal well.

How do you heal well?

Like any physical wound, you would get it treated.

Admit it. Don’t deny and dismiss it like some want you to. If it happened, admit it so you can deal with it. 

Own it. Don’t be ashamed of it and hide it in the darkness. Bring it into the light where it can be healed. This requires some courage. 

Share it. Be silenced no longer! Start with your journal. Share with people you trust. Talk to a professional, like a therapist who understands religious trauma, church hurt, and spiritual abuse. Eventually you will be able to share your story anywhere. Like I do on social media and in my books. 

Admit it.
Own it.
Share it.

You will find that the pain of your spiritual hurt will dissipate. 
You will start feeling better.
You will be able to integrate it into your story minus the trauma.

You will finally be able to remember it without reliving it.

Much love my beautiful friends! 

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