the blood of Jesus, superstition, and magic

Have you read Joan Didion's remarkable memoir, "The Year of Magical Thinking"? It is about the year following her husband's unexpected death. She noticed how her mind played tricks on her as she went through the grieving process. An amazing read. There was or is nothing magical about the blood of Jesus. I know it is almost impossible for some of you to let go of that because the church has taught it, defended it and enforced it for millennia. Superstition dies hard because there is so much invested in it, and its guard is fear. I hear people say all the time, "I want to let go of my stupid superstitions, but I just can't. They seem to have more of a grip on me than I have on them. Please help me!" I understand. Deconstructing our beliefs is one of the most painful things we can endure. But I'm watching people do it in healthy ways. It is necessary if we mean to grow. Buy my art at affordable prices!
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