The REAL reason you're going to Hell!

"Going to Hell" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Just think about it. Why do you think you might be going to Hell? Is it because someone, somewhere, at some time, told you that this, this, and this, is the reason why you go to Hell? Is it because you've been lead to believe that if you don't do certain things, or do certain things, including belief or unbelief, then you'll go there? Is it because you've been informed by someone how to get to Heaven and, since you just can't measure up, then you're by default going to Hell? The idea of Hell and that you're going there was planted in your mind by someone else who held in their hands the power to inform you who is going there and who isn't. The institution called the church has helped glue it there. If you measure up to that person's or organization's idea of what kind of person goes to Heaven then you don't have to go to Hell. So, my theory is that generally and usually we have to please someone in order to not go to Hell. This, my friends, is about kissing ass. In other words... if you please the preachers you'll be okay. Are you questioning important theological dogmas like the existence of Hell or Heaven or other ideas? Come join us at The Lasting Supper. We're not afraid to ask anything there, and we provide a protected space for you to do it.
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