The Slippery Slope of Deconstruction

the slippery slope of deconstruction cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A man warns a group of people that they need to be careful because deconstruction can be a slippery slope. Later we see the group of people sliding down "The Deconstruction Slippery-Slopey Slippy Slidy" and having so much fun.

The other day one of my online friends shared how someone had warned her about the slippery slope of deconstruction and thought it would make a great cartoon.

I agreed, so here it is. Thank you!

But it's true. 

I was warned about the dangers of questioning my beliefs and deconstruction.

But I must admit I've never been happier and I know so many more incredible people.

I dare say it's a joyful place to be with other joyful people.

Am I saying deconstruction isn't scary and worrisome and stressful? No. It can be all that.

But it's like this slide. We feel the same thing in our belly with fear and fun. 

Are you worried about your deconstruction? Keep sliding and join us in the playful pool of fun!

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