What is the future of God?

<GET THIS CARTOON AND ALL MY ART 50% OFF 'til tomorrow with code 'sweet'! >Certainly the future" of a pale God with a halo, robe, and white beard, is at stake. Thankfully! The word is not the thing. Our thoughts about God are not God. Images... imaginations... about God are not God. Abraham Heschel said that the first commandment forbidding idolatry was the first because that's the first thing our minds do and where all the trouble begins. John Calvin said our minds are endless factories for making idols. We're seeing massive change in our theologies. I hope so. Just examine your own beliefs. Certainly the God you believed in as a child and the God you believe in now, if you do believe in a God at all, have changed. And the God you will believe in 10 years from now, if you do at all, will be different than the God you believe in now. Someone said be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Have you changed your mind? I have. Come meet other people who have changed their minds and are in the process of changing their beliefs at The Lasting Supper.
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