Whatever you do, don't tap out!

"Don't Tap Out" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Buy a print of this cartoon HERE! For me, the area I need to be steadfast in and not give up is simply keeping all the comment up on this blog post. Yes, there's been a lot of pressure to either take the whole thing down, hide the comments, edit the comments, or delete some comments, and then publicly apologize for the whole thing. Not just tap out, but recant. I love creating and providing space for people to share their experiences. That, to me, is a sacred right. But it is always being challenged. I won't tap out! nakedpastor is a very public forum. So I created a private online community called The Lasting Supper where people can share their experiences and get support without worrying about the wrong people seeing it. I invite you to join us!
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