When the World Ends

"When the World Ends" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The CruciFiction: I was just a young boy, not yet a teenager, sitting on a bleacher in an abandoned ball field, surrounded by my friends. One had just been to church. So I guess it was a Sunday. He shared what he learned that day, and he had us spellbound with the relaying of apocalyptic words. The preacher had peddled in the book of Revelation, successfully scaring my friend to death, who in turn scared us to death. The impression I was left with was that the best of the forces of good and the worst of the forces of evil would finally engage in all out war, releasing creatures and demons and angels and monsters into the agonized world ruled by intelligent but wicked men who would overthrow everything and anything that was established. It didn't seem to matter what side I was on, for we were all going to die. Never would I have imagined it would come down to a sandbox struggle between the sensitive egos of petty men with undeserved access to catastrophic codes.
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