Why I Still Like the Idea of Being Born Again

born again cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

A man says, “Are you born again?” A woman replies, “I’m deconstructing. Does that count?” 


I hated the term “born again” because it meant a magical conversion to strict beliefs and purity culture. 

So I avoided it. 

But I used it yesterday. 

I was talking with someone going through a spiritual crisis where he feels like he’s starting all over again. He’s lived his life a certain way thinking everything’s fine when all of a sudden a spiritual crisis occurs and he’s thrust into a new way of living. It’s a major adjustment, jarring, cataclysmic, messy, but at the same time beautiful and hopeful. 

When he was describing this to me, I said, “It’s really like being born again. You feel like you have to start from scratch and figure out how to live your life all over again!” 

I think this is the meaning behind Jesus’ words. His point is that true change isn’t an adjustment of the old way, but a birthing of a completely new way. 

Deconstruction is like this. One day we’re living our lives thinking everything’s fine when all of a sudden we’re thrust into something completely new. 

For some the delivery is fast and furious. 
For some of us it’s painstakingly slow. 

A whole new world is opened to us, the lights come on, we become conscious and independent, and we must adjust our lives to a completely new level of wisdom. 

In fact, I think this kind of born again could be a daily experience if we open our minds and hearts to a brand new world and a better way of living every day.

It’s like waking up. 
It’s like being born again.

Have you been born again?

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I see being born again as embracing God through Jesus. If Jesus is the sin bearer and bore my sin so I could be reconciled to a Holy Holy Holy God then I embrace Jesus and then I embrace the Father who sent Him. Because I did that the Holy Spirit comes into my life and embraces me. He is a welcomed guest who never leaves.


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