Jesus Eats with the LGBTQ Sheep

“Jesus Eats with the LGBTQ Sheep” cartoon nakedpastor David Hayward

This is based on the original cartoon, Jesus Eats with the Black Sheep. (Found in my nakedpastor Etsy shop.)

Someone asked if I could draw it with LGBTQ colors, so I did. She bought it. But there are prints available in my Etsy shop.

This cartoon is not meant to depict that Jesus condescends to eat with sinners. It just means Jesus doesn’t have issues with eating with marginalized people who experience discrimination and exclusion.

Before someone comes at me with “but the Bible says” or “God says”, let me say this:

  1. I know what the Bible says, so please don’t treat me as ignorant. I studied biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, for years and soaked myself in and preached from them for decades.
  2. Respected biblical scholars argue on both sides of what the Bible says about homosexuality, etc., and in my opinion, we can’t wait for them to make up our minds for us.
  3. The Bible was written thousands of years ago by men in patriarchal societies who could not help but write from their own cultural conditioning, even if they were pushing the margins.
  4. I do not think it is wise to entrust our knowledge, values, and ethics to men who could not have known what we know and are learning today concerning human gender and sexuality.
  5. Finally, whenever we come to a conflict between law and love, love, including all love’s expressions… justice, equality, inclusion, respect, etcetera…, must win. I think this is the ultimate thrust of the message of Jesus.

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3 Replies to “Jesus Eats with the LGBTQ Sheep”

  1. To call into question whether or not the Bible is divinely inspired in order to justify immoral behavior such as homosexuality is not an act of love in a Godly sense. It’s akin catering to spoiled children, which is disastrous in the end for issues that involve God’s expectations.

  2. HI Will. Love is, as a definition, acting in a way that brings a blessing to another. Love might be tangible (e.g. food, clothing, shelter, …) Love might be a service (e.g. helping a person cross the street, helping them clean the house, taking them on errands, …) Love might be emotional or spiritual (e.g. sitting with a grieving person, offering a word of encouragement, …. ) Finally, Love might be protective (e.g. preventing a child from touching a hot stove, keeping someone away from the edge of a cliff, protecting them against an attacker, ….).

    These are all instances of Love, because all of these actions leave the beloved person blessed in some real and specific way.

    Now if you can tell me how preventing two men or two women from being in a loving relationship with each other, is itself an act of LOVE, then I would be interested to hear. But I don’t think you can. I have seen same sex relationships where both partners encourage each other, serve each other, pray for each other, and so forth. Forbidding that, or blocking, or refusing to recognize those loving relationships does *not* leave the persons better off, and therefore is not an act of love

    But aren’t Christians called to Love their Neighbor??

  3. Actually, Will, I don’t question if the bible is divinely inspired IN ORDER TO justify certain behavior. I used to think the bible was inspired, but after lots of years of research and thinking, I decided it wasn’t. What followed was a more loving approach to humanity.

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