losing your faith without losing your mind

using your head cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Using Your Head” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Deconstruction, changing your beliefs, losing your faith, is one of the most terrifying experiences we can have. We’ve been surely warned that it’s a matter of life and death… eternal life and death!

Absolutely everything’s at stake!

However, I have learned the hard way that deconstruction can be done in a way that gets you to the other side better off than you were before your deconstruction commenced.

I had to betray what I’d been taught. I actually had to lean on my own understanding! I had to use my intellect, my knowledge, my wisdom, my insight, to not only survive deconstruction but to thrive following it.

So now I know it can be done. And it can be done well.

Be warned:

  • It can take years.
  • It will hurt.
  • It will terrify you.
  • It helps immensely if you have support.
  • It will pass and you will be happy again.

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6 Replies to “losing your faith without losing your mind”

  1. Once upon a time, there was a group of believers.

    They found that intellectualism did not meet the need within a person’s heart, so they abandoned intellectualism too completely – and embraced unthinking faith.

    Unthinking faith has no anchors, so they embraced hierarchical leadership and worshipped the charismatic leader to give them a sense of stability and ‘anchor’ in a changing world.

    To secure a place within the hierarchy, they abandoned the non-believing community, developed their own in-group language, established a code of acceptable life-style, and read the Bible verse by verse or topic by topic without questioning and without dialog.

    Soon they had a cloister community, and though they worked in the world system, they could not even speak the world’s language.

    To show a successful spiritual life, they purchased a building… and then made plans to build a bigger building.

    To show connection with the mystical Christ, they developed a new liturgy of unthinking songs they chanted over and over again with ever changing electronic instruments.

    To provide themselves energy, they developed a ‘Christian Worldview’ of us versus them.

    They became headless, heartless, and ruthless… their only power was at the voting booth, rather than in the community of the wounded and seeking. They lived a lie and wore an emotional mask, lest they be ‘excommunicated’ from the only thing they had left – each other.

    They wondered why no one in the community came to them, and held endless frustrating ‘campaigns and programs’ to teach ‘evangelism’… but it was too late. They were in their own world and self-encapsulated.

    Thankfully, they turned upon each other, and developed schisms and splits… and self-destructed.

    And no one, outside of their own denomination, even noticed.

    The end.

  2. TW: headship

    But how can he show headship, if he doesn’t have a head?

    Does a person still qualify as a pastor if they don’t have a head?

    Is a man still a man, without a head?

    These are vital theological questions…

  3. Well Tim, since men have 2 heads, which is one more than most of us can use proficiently at a time anyway, …


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