my piece of America

This is my wife Lisa. Talk about an independent spirit from the deep south of Alabama! We met at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. I went down there from Canada to study religious music. I switched to theology after I met her. Long story. We rapidly fell in love and got married in 1980. Right after we were married we moved to Boston were I studied for my theology masters at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary under the New Testament scholar Dr. Gordon Fee. Then we went to McGill University in Montreal where I got another masters in Religious Studies. Right after that we went into the ministry.

It’s been a ride! A bumpy one. But one we’ve travelled together. I’m not saying it was easy. But she makes it easier. Even in this present spiritual winter, we remain companions of the depths.

I love you American woman!

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  1. Congratulations on a long marriage and a lovely wife. The bumps are unavoidable.

    My husband and I have weathered the last three very rough years with the Treasury of Daily Prayer from CPH. Every day we look forward to our readings and excerpts from Christian writers from all centuries. Really cool to see what they had to say.

  2. What does she teach you about life. About love. If it’s not too personal. I’d be interested.

    Sas x

  3. HI David, very nicely written, I do remember when you left for bible college, greetings to Lisa.

  4. Your wife is beautiful.

    This post revealed another common thread. Central Bible College is an Assemblies of God school which is the church in which I was raised and which I spent most of my life. You have obviously become disaffected with some of the same things as I have.

  5. yes sis. my wife and i both have very charismatic backgrounds and even leanings. i love much about that. but it comes with so much craziness. is there any other choice but to throw out the baby with it all? that’s just one of our common threads.

  6. The AofG has become increasingly political over the years and one reason that I left the church was all of the right-wing drivel coming from the pulpit. In fact, on the day following the 2006 mid-term elections (which was a huge Democratic sweep), my pastor began his Wednesday evening monologue by saying that “we really got bloodied up last evening.”

    The other thing that really turned me off was the way in which big-name preachers such as Swaggart was tolerated in the way he used such divisive tactics.

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