When I and the Universe Feel Most One

OWN THIS PAINTING (I wrote this as one of my weekly letters to my online community, The Lasting Supper, earlier this year. I hope it means something to you.) Early this morning I arose. The air was so cold outside that everything was silent. Including the radiant moon and its…

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"Until Our Paths Again Cross" painting by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Until Our Paths Again Cross” watercolor painting

OWN THIS PAINTING I’ve decided to include my paintings and their contemplations on my blog now too. My new tagline is “Art Beyond Belief”… so that includes more than just my cartoons. I have the edgy, rebellious, humorous side to me. This inspires my cartoons. But I also have a…

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painting: we await the storm

The personality of the universe! So incredibly diverse. Sometimes calm. Sometimes fierce. The storms that we face in our personal lives… where can we hide? Who can abide them? What if we faced them squarely? We might escape them just barely. But I live among survivors. Every one of them,…

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the need to leave

(This original painting is available!) You’ve kept your place. You’ve held your ground. You’ve filled your space. You’ve stayed in bounds. But something calls. You know you must. You forsake all. You will be blessed. It’s time to go. It’s time to leave. This much you know: this is your peace.  …

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let’s find rest together

“NORTHERN LIGHT CROWS”: (buy a print of my painting!) Let’s find rest. Let’s find rest together. Let’s just be together. As we are. And rest. Just look at these crows. They don’t judge one another. A crow’s a crow. And that’s it. They flock together. The eat together. They fly…

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