What’s in your spiritual lunchbox?

"Spiritual Lunchbox" (Cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)
“Spiritual Lunchbox” (Cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

What’s in your spiritual lunchbox? Same old thing every day?

Did you know there’s a whole world of wonder out there? The world is rich with truth.

Granted: if I was told I was going to be stranded on a deserted island and I had one book to take with me, I would choose the bible. It has fed me in the past, feeds me now, and will feed me in the future.

But we aren’t forced to choose just one. We have the power of choice!

Truth is truth no matter where it’s found. And it is everywhere!

Enjoy it!

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16 Replies to “What’s in your spiritual lunchbox?”

  1. The Bible may be part of a healthy, balanced religious practice, but you still have to watch out for what you put in. Being mindful of taking in too much bad theology and such, one can still have a healthy spiritual practice.

  2. This is exactly how I felt for the first 30 years of my life–I’d pray for the Bible to come alive, for God to speak to me thru it, for something . . .but I usually ended up with a mild despair, and knowing that it was all my fault.

  3. Define knowing it was your fault. Once I realized that the guilt was taught, I began an ongoing struggle to understand that and the implications.

  4. Several thought experiments related to your post. If you had to chose one these books to take on an Island which would it be:
    1. Leviticus or Tao de Ching
    2. Book of Revelations or the Pancha Tantra
    3. The Gospel of Mark or The Gospel of John
    4. The Torah or the Quran

  5. @ Jordan: Why would you take John’s story over Mark’s story about Jesus?

    And if you read the Pancha Tantra, I’m sure I’d know your choice:

    Point: the Bible is just a collection of books — many are highly undesirable compared to other books. The Bible is an anthology. So if I were allowed an equal anthology of books, I am pretty sure I would not even include one that is in the Bible — for like David’s fine cartoon, I ate too much Bible books when I was young — don’t like it any more!

  6. Sure, Mein Kampf is wonderful too — if you are studying perversions of the human mind.

    Ya know, David, it is OK to say you don’t like really like some of the books in the Bible anthology.
    If I told you, that you had to hack 10 books out of the Christian Anthology (Bible), before you took it on the island with you, which would you hack out? And then told you that you had to replace those 10 with 2 other (non-Judeo-Christian) religious texts, which would you take?

  7. What I meant was I like all the other texts you mentioned. I’m not crazy about leviticus. My favorite little book, my favorite of all time… a tiny little paperback by Krishnamurti “The Urgency of Change”.

  8. Ahhhhh ! Krishnamurti use to be one of my reads too. Now with so much fine stuff available to read, I rarely go back to anything over and over — maybe twice, however. My next diet may be a bit more of the PanchaTantra, though.
    Havin’ fun couch-surfing with my 12-year daughter in Wales and England. Oxford today ! Reading a book on the sociology of ghosts in England.

  9. Oh, and you really like “John’s” book of Revelation? Since you dropped out of the ministry, have you even looked at it once? Or 1 Kings or Leviticus or Titus or ……..? Or do you just stick to a Gospel or two?

  10. No longer fed by the Word of God, eh? Right along with the rest of us pagans! We are off to “The Roald Dahl Museum” — daughter wants a different tour of England than I do! 🙂

  11. Well actually Sabio it is always with me, right here (points to head)! Seriously! It’s all up there.

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