3 Drawings that Capture the Beauty of Vulnerability

To live in the present moment with authenticity takes courage, no matter who you are. There’s an art to being vulnerable. I’ve talked before about how powerful vulnerability is and the importance of it but it's also something I focus on in my art. Here are 3 of my favorite drawings that capture the beauty of vulnerability.

Sophia Vulnerable

sophia vulnerable print nakedpastor david hayward

(Click on the image to see the print, or click HERE!)

One stage in the transformation process that we can’t skip is vulnerability. In this Sophia piece, I wanted to show her vulnerability more graphically. As she sits next to a baby seal, one of the most vulnerable animals on the planet, she is naked, exposed and vulnerable. They are both in that space, together. But there is also something very strong and courageous about her. Mysteriously, her vulnerability and her strength aren't mutually exclusive. She's beginning to learn to combine these two and embrace them both. Sophia teaches us that, usually, we have to bare it all in order to repair it all.

Here’s to your vulnerability and strength.

Sophia Metamorphosis

sophia metamorphosis print nakedpastor david hayward

(Click on the image to see the print, or click here!)

I always come back to Sophia Metamorphosis because it speaks to so many truths about our lives. We are vulnerable when we transform. Surrounded by beautiful possibilities but still vulnerable. Some people never step out of their cocoon.

Going into a new phase of your life means new possibilities AND new vulnerabilities. I say that we take that combination and give every new phase of our transformation our best shot. Nothing beautiful came from staying in our dark, cozy cocoons.

Sophia Wild

sophia wild print nakedpastor david hayward

(Click on the image to see the print or click HERE!)

Sophia Wild is about being your most authentic self, even when it feels scary. There’s a real risk in exposure. Emotional exposure and physical exposure to new situations, people and feelings.

This is a reminder that you can be rooted in your power, even when you feel like there is nothing between you and the elements.


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