christmas banquet recap

so last night we had our annual christmas banquet. we did a potluck in the sanctuary. nice lighting, candles, and a few decorations. nothing fancy because we didn't want people to be unnecessarily overworked and distraught over it all. the food was simply awesome... everything from ham to sushi. it was incredible. the deserts were to die for... some pastries of all kinds, including shortbreads, chocolate tortes and the best rum-cake i'd ever, ever had. you could TASTE the rum! that lasted an hour. then the entertainment. darryl daniels and julia mawer m.c.'d, and it was a scream... a regular standup routine. violin solos, singing, jesus' brother bob was there, forest gump, some scottish guy in a kilt, and a redneck to give his version of a night before christmas (that was me!)... many laughs. there were lots of first-timers there. over 100 showed up. i won't forget that night. and my wife, in her black dress, looked FABULOUS!!!!

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