Does Deconstruction Have to be Sad?

Does Deconstruction Have to be Sad?

walk or be dragged cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Does deconstruction have to be sad?

In the popular poem "Footprints in the Sand” Jesus says, "The times when you have seen only one set of footprints is when I carried you." 

I think he said, “This is where I dragged your ass!”

Carl Jung said, "Walk your path or be dragged." 

Recently someone said he prefers my funny cartoons and that I shouldn’t focus so much on negative things about the church. 

Maybe this cartoon shows I haven't lost my sense of humor. 

When I do cartoon and write about, say, spiritual abuse, I'm helping people embrace their experiences, trust their guts, find their voices, muster their courage, and liberate their lives. 

But I also want to help people find happiness and to know that deconstruction is a positive sign of healthy spiritual growth. They can be happy about it.

Generally I’m a happy person. And I help people laugh or at least smile every day. 

A misconception about people deconstructing is that we’re a bunch of vindictive victims, a wailing wall of woe-is-me, a bathtub of bitterness, a coven of complainers, a world of whiners.

In fact, the people I know who are deconstructing or already have are happy even though they can be serious. 

Sure, we go through periods of sadness. But it's possible to be happy. I dare say even inevitable if we press on.

I’m happy. You can be happy too. 
Even if you experienced abuse.
Even if you’re deconstructing.
Even if you’re leaving the church.

I’m happy.

When we recognize our path, own it, walk it, and master it, we experience a kind of fulfillment that produces the happiness we long for.

(Prints of my cartoon “Walk or be Dragged” are in my nakedpastorstore.)


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As a fellow traveler down this road of deconstruction, I have found happiness to be an attainable goal. I was in pastoral ministry within local churches for 46 years before deciding to give church attendance up and I started to truly get to know who Jesus was for me. I had an almost fatal fall from a high step ladder causing multiple injuries resulting in a true change of heart. My life was changed drastically after experiencing a near death accident. Today, I’m learning about the true meaning of the word “love” and trying to find authentic life enjoying being with my family and community almost as a young child. In my late sixties I now am understanding what our present essence is really all about. Thanks for your cartoons. They are humorous and thought provoking indeed. Thanks, R


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