Jesus Interruptus

jesus interruptus cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

A group of men diligently study the Bible while Jesus waves his hands frantically trying to get their attention.


Yesterday I poked the bear by posting a cartoon about the distinction between Jesus and the Bible. So I thought I'd fully arouse said bear.

There are the three issues for which I get the most reactions:

1. The Bible.
2. Women

In that order. 

Why are these such provocative issues for the religious?

I think I know why.

It's about power.
It's about control.

They think...

The Bible can be controlled: Don't let it into the hands of amateurs.
Women can be controlled: Don't let them abdicate their biblical role.
Sinners can be controlled: Don't allow them access!

When you touch any of these three holy relics... their Bible, their women, and their exclusivity... their wrath knows no bounds.

Am I right? 

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