Julie McMahon, Tony Jones, and Submergent: My Update

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I’ve been anticipating some glossy new photo ops and a brand new formula for godliness. It’ll be like shiny, jangling keys.


I just visited Tony Jones Wikipedia page, may be its time someone updated that with all the released information? Just sayin.


That’s a great idea! Can you look in to how we would add information to Tony Jones’ Wikipedia page about this case?
Please post action item steps here, if you would be so kind.

I am currently working on getting Tony Jones marked as a Vexatious Litigant in Minnesota.


Sounds to me like paranoid nattering.

Samuel Post

Thing is most people who gain some fame/following doing ministry usually find some big announcement or gimmick to change the subject. And it often works. Change the conversation.

One thing I saw a lot and with this situation is people who are enamored with the celeb say that it is only that one thing so they are not going to let that this “one thing” become a problem for them. (Nevermind that “one thing” is more than a red flag). The truth is they like their politics or doctrine more than they care about truth or justice. This happens on both sides of the aisle.

I will say this coming from the evangelical seeker world, the emergent followers certainly spoke up loudly compared to most evangelicals followers ever will when something like this becomes public. I was quite proud of them. So many expected authenticity and when it was not real, they spoke up and loudly.
And unless you are in the inner ring you really don’t know to what extent this has effected their business. The name of the game is image so you can bet they won’t be forthcoming about lowered ticket sales, etc. But do expect to see more gimmicks to get the convo changed and enhance image.


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