Christmas is about Inclusion!

"Inclusive Christmas" cartoon by David Hayward
“Inclusive Christmas” cartoon by David Hayward


Christmas is the expulsion of exclusion and the introduction of inclusion.

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4 Replies to “Christmas is about Inclusion!”

  1. Please delete this comment David if it not appropriate.

    I just thought I would share something which I hope will be an encouragement to anyone feeling excluded. It seems to be in keeping with the theme of your cartoon and could include, but not be limited to LGBT*.

    I have shared in recent months a difficult workplace situation resulting in moving on. It faced being accused of inappropriate conduct whilst I had been supportive to a vulnerable colleague that I contested. I will leave anyone reading this to decide for themselves whether it resulted in the offer of an honourable resignation or an unjust dismissal.

    Just yesterday, I was at a tribunal, where a judge ruled in my favour stating exceptional circumstances and if things were to have continued as they had been it would have represented significant risk to my health. The judge has referred the matter to the Secretary of State for a decision as to whether I should be financially compensated.

    This represents a huge weight for me being lifted and an affirmation by the state of what I believed to be true about a work issue I was facing.

    Having moved on from the position it will now be left to those in charge in my previous work to take heed of what has happened or suffer the consequences. The organisation has gone from having £1.4 million income two years ago to £1.1 million this financial year and will be at substantial risk of losing more income with consequences for staff job security and its activities if it continues in the same trajectory.

    I want to encourage anyone facing any injustice to hang in there, particularly if you feel the system is against you – truth and justice will out!

    One of the tings Christ came for, is for release of the oppressed!

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