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God is Now Here Original Cartoon Drawing

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God is Now Here Original Cartoon Drawing comments on the strange human idea that God resides in buildings. It also makes a sneaky jab at the waxing and waning popularity traded between various churches. 

It’s a scene that shows a blimp with a giant arrow hovering (like a neon casino sign) over one church building, while fickle congregants flee towards it from other churches. This is a common occurrence - people flocking towards the church with the best coffee, coolest staff, best music, and charismatic teaching.. The question this cartoon poses is: Do we really believe that God would do the same? Of course I understand that good coffee is gospel and that there’s more depth to church preference for many. But still, it makes you think doesn’t it? 

In a nutshell, this artwork illustrates the emptiness of the concept that God resides in certain places and not others. Do you have a space on your wall for it?

Image size: 8"x8"

It is not matted and framed.

I retain the copyright to all my images... @nakedpastor

Each original comes with a letter of authenticity

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