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I'm Just As Elusive Original Watercolor Painting

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"I'm Just As Elusive"

I do enjoy fishing. Especially fly fishing.

For the elusive trout.

But often when I'm fishing I'm aware that it is very much a spiritual metaphor I am enacting. 

We learned from Jung that water symbolizes the unconscious, and that fish can represent what lies hidden there.

Fishing for them is our attempts to see and apprehend ourselves.

We learn just how elusive we can be with ourselves. Just like the trout.

It's not just fishing.

This would make a great Father's Day gift.

This is a watercolor painting on heavy, high quality Arches watercolor paper.

It measures approximately 12"x14" with a white border for matting and framing.

I live in eastern Canada. I'm fascinated by the complex but minimal simplicity of the geography that surrounds me. I endeavor to capture its essence in my work. There is something mystical, contemplative, and spiritual in my art... because there is in the place where I live.

Not matted and framed. I suggest white double matte with a black frame.

This original comes with a letter of authenticity

I retain the copyright to all my images.